Memorial Day frustrates me (also: if you read this you’re on my old blog)

Are any of you here, and not over there on my new blog?  I’ve written a few times since I moved (blogs and cities.) Don’t miss it. Click on the link below and come on over.

If you’re still here, I wanted to share my thoughts about Memorial Day.



You two, look-up-here! Also: The site moved

So, I finally took the training wheels off and moved my blog over to a domain I actually paid for.

So, C’mon over. I’m still not an everyday blogger… but I still have funny things to say once in a while AND I linked my Instagram.  See you there!

I have a funny story to tell you about the 30th day after a concussion BUT my head hurts too much (after working to migrate the site) and I’ll write tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.


Also, for those of you who got the joke:


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